Meet Our EvolvingSTEM Team

Vaughn Cooper

Director of EvolvingSTEM

Vaughn Cooper is an Associate Professor at the University of New Hampshire, where he leads a laboratory that studies microbial evolution and genomics. For more information, please visit:

In addition to directing a laboratory, Vaughn has led the development of EvolvingSTEM, a program that uses a innovative laboratory-based program to teach evolution, provide experience in biotechnology, microbiology, and genomics, and catalyze interest in STEM careers.  

Taylor Warren

Outreach Coordinator of EvolvingSTEM

Taylor Warren is a recent graduate of the Biochemistry Master's Program at the University of New Hampshire. Taylor's Master's work focused on the efficacy of the Evolution-in-Action program by its ability to teach students evolutionary concepts in four 9th grade honors biology classes.

Her passion for her research has led her to a position in EvolvingSTEM as an outreach coordinator, where she works with 9th-12th grade teachers to help implement Evolution-in-Action. She has plans to  implement the program into 20 or more classes this upcoming spring, and hopes to assess the efficacy of the program and its ability to motivate and spark student interest in STEM. 



Michael Handwork

New Hampshire Regional Coordinator of EvolvingSTEM

Mike Handwork is a biology teacher from Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire and was one of the two teachers that first implemented Evolution-in-Action into their classroom.  Mike thoroughly enjoyed having the program implemented into his high school classroom, and he partnered with EvolvingSTEM during the summer to further develop the Evolution-in-Action program. 

His enthusiasm for the program is evident, as he continues to work with EvolvingSTEM during the academic year as a regional coordinator. Mike visits high schools in his geographic region to speak to the success of the program and help other teachers with implementation into their classroom.