EvolvingSTEM (click for a Video)


EvolvingSTEM uses an inquiry-based laboratory approach that sparks interest and motivation in science while developing the confidence and skills necessary to pursue STEM careers. These experiments build quantitative skills, teach many biotechnology methods, build student teamwork, and inspire teachers and students to design their own experiments


Our Goals:

  • Catalyze understanding of evolutionary biology, ecology, microbiology, and biotechnology by hands-on study of evolution-in-action
  • Increase STEM skills and depth of knowledge in multiple areas of science to prepare students for the 21st century workforce
  • Target and correct student misconceptions in science through hands-on experiences, and frequent formative assessments
  • Develop regional coalitions of cooperating schools to support STEM education
  • Establish long-term relationships with high schools to improve science education and collaboration between participating sites
  • Exceed student proficiency in NGSS standards for understanding variation, heredity, and evolution by allowing students to study evolution as an empirical science by using Evolution-in-Action
  • Support the use of Evolution-in-Action as a tool to provide meaningful STEM education to teachers and students
  • Provide expertise and equipment to ensure successful implementation of the developed Evolution-in-Action curriculum
  • Train teachers how to use Evolution-in-Action as a tool to provide meaningful STEM education to their students
  • In selected classrooms, students will see the genomes of their bacterial mutants completely sequenced, putting 14-year-old students on the cutting edge of biotechnology